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At South Coast Kids, our goal is to provide safe, fun and engaging environments where kids can encounter the love of God. At this impressionable age, we believe teaching the word of God and providing God centered experiences is invaluable. At South Coast Kids, kids will have a range of experiences, from high energy worship to interactive bible stories where the kids get to act them out, to our small group time where kids are given the opportunity to go deeper and learn how the bible is relevant to their lives. We believe every kid has a voice and we provide an environment where it is heard, questions are answered and prayer requests are lifted up. Our children are our future and they are worth investing in. We also aim to partner with parents as they build the foundations of a day to day relationship with God.

More About SCC Kids


At South Coast kids our nursery program serves children from birth to 2 years old. During service you child will hear age appropriate bible stories and do a craft to go along with that story. Engage in fun worship songs where they get to clap and jump up and down while singing. They will have a time for play with kids their age along with our loving leaders and a time for snacks. All children wear a name tag that lists allergies if any and will not be given anything they may be allergic to. Children are not allowed to share snacks or cups, we are very strict on this policy. Our nursery is also divided up to serve the needs of each child. Crawling babies will not be in the same area as a running toddler.


All of our leaders and volunteers are background checked and mostly mom's themselves!


At South Coast Kids our preschool program serves children between the ages of 3-kindergarten. Here they will have a time to play and make new friends. They will be engaged in active bible stories that our creative leader and teachers make come alive by getting them involved with acting them out! Your child will also participate in up-beat, fun worship songs they can dance, clap and jump around to. Crafts and snack time is also incorporated but your child will not be given anything they may be allergic to. Our check in system prints a list of allergies right on their name tag. Children will not be allowed to share snacks for cup, we are very strict on this policy.


Nursery Preschool and Kid's Church are all located in the Education wing.

Want to Get Involved?

At South Coast Christian, we do our best to make things easier for parents. Below is a downloadable release form for all the events we do each year. You only need to complete this form once, and we’ll keep it on file. Please fill out completely per child, sign and return.