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Brett & Danyelle Westerfield

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Pastor Brett is the Worship and Youth Pastor at South Coast Christian. He has been part of worship teams since a young age and leading since he was in High School. He is passionate in the areas that he leads but he has always loved music. He graduated from Vanguard University with a bachelor's in theology and a minor in music. Pastor Brett loves connecting with others and creating a safe place for our youth group to learn and step into the person God is calling them to be.

His wife Danyelle leads alongside him and has a heart for the young women of the church. She graduated from Vanguard University with a bachelor’s in kinesiology and is working on getting her bachelor's in theology. She loves to create and help bring new ideas to the table. With their growing family, they like to stay active and focus on family time when they can. They have a heart for the church and grow a community that is searching for the Lord. “We love South Coast and feel like family with the community that has been building around us”

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